Don’t be “that” house on Halloween

Posted by Kristin Barry on Friday, October 31st, 2014 at 12:15pm

It’s an annual dilemma and in a child’s mind, quite possibly, the single greatest question on Halloween night.

What are they passing out? Newport Beach neighborhoods are surveyed. Posses formed. Routes planned. And when they finally arrive at your doorstep, do you want to be “the” house or “that” house? As a public service, we submit the following recommendations…

How to ensure “the” house street-cred remains intact:

1. Keep it simple- Brand name candy and you’ll pass the test.
2. Go Big- Doling out full-size anything gets your home beamed across the neighborhood. Be on the lookout for repeat treaters.
3. Go Old School- Rarely seen brands that evoke a “woh!” from the parents…ie. Zotz, Wax Bottles, Atomic Fireballs
4. Pay Em Off: Cash talks business.

How to guarantee they won’t come back to “that” house next year:

1. Fruit- Seriously, this is akin to eating a salad at a steak house.
2. Stickers- If you want to see these plastered throughout the neighborhood, go ahead provide the little terrors with ammo.
3. Granola bars- Let’s be honest. These have just as much sugar and carbs as the real deal with zero the fun.

Bottom line, it’s all about moderation for the youngins. Check their bounty when they return, monitor their intake during the night and allow them to keep only a small amount while you horde it “safely” for the future.

Happy Halloween!

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