Bring the Outdoors In to Your Home

Posted by Kristin Barry on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 at 9:23pm

Earthy, green and textural. Three elements, in my mind, that capture the very essence of what it means to “bring the outdoors in”. Let’s think for a moment, about the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. I can recall as a child, making some of my happiest memories outdoors. The smell of the beach, the sand in my toes, the salt in my hair... a day spent building sand castles, searching for seashells and laying in the white wash.

These vivid memories represent the influence our surroundings have on us. Creating this type of environment indoors, be it a home, office, restaurant or retail store, can be simple, fun and well worth the time spent doing so! While there is no perfect formula, I've gathered some easy steps to help get you started on the right foot [or left... I'm goofy, so...]


“I can recall as a child, making some of my happiest memories outdoors.” - SUMMER MEDDOCK

Consider the space and the type of emotion you want to emulate...happiness, relaxation, positivity. There are colors that can be chosen to set the tone for these emotions. Color is so powerful when working with interiors.

Choose a place or style preference to use as a baseline for the outdoor elements... the rainforest, desert, beach, mountains... farmhouse, mid century, industrial, traditional.

Combine the selections from above and integrate them into your plants, materials, textiles, and decor!

Inside LOCALE Magazines headquarters [pictured here], my goal was to develop a creative space where their employees would feel energized and happy. By incorporating a variety of plant species, a colorfully patterned area rug and this stunning jungle palm wallpaper into the existing white, black & gray furniture pieces, reclaimed wood tables, and furry pillows, we found the balance and excitement this space was looking for.

Bringing the outdoors IN is FUN!! Play around with real and synthetic plants, dive into wallpaper options, use fabrics that are earthy and textural like hemp, sisal, linen and jute, use raw or salvaged woods to add rustic charm, fill a clear glass bowl or vase with river rock or lava rock... think about your favorite outdoor memories and let your creativity flow!

Written by Summer Maddock of Meddock Interiors

Summer Meddock, Her Husband Matt, Son Marley (3), Daughter Makena (2) And Littlest Son "Shae Shae" (1) Live In Sunny Costa Mesa, California.  Both Matt And Summer Are Orange County Natives Who Agree That "Life Is Better At The Beach". While They Enjoy The Laid Back Southern California Lifestyle, These Two Creative Entrepreneurs Want To Also Live A Life Of Purpose And Adventure. 

Instagram @Meddock_Interiors 

Photos by Brenda Winburn Photography


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