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It’s an annual dilemma and in a child’s mind, quite possibly, the single greatest question on Halloween night.

What are they passing out? Newport Beach neighborhoods are surveyed. Posses formed. Routes planned. And when they finally arrive at your doorstep, do you want to be “the” house or “that” house? As a public service, we submit the following recommendations…

How to ensure “the” house street-cred remains intact:

1. Keep it simple- Brand name candy and you’ll pass the test.
2. Go Big- Doling out full-size anything gets your home beamed across the neighborhood. Be on the lookout for repeat treaters.
3. Go Old School- Rarely seen brands that evoke a “woh!” from the parents…ie. Zotz, Wax Bottles, Atomic Fireballs
4. Pay Em Off: Cash talks business.


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Since the introduction of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, brands everywhere have been clamoring to replicate the success and flavor of this seasonal concoction.

The next BIG thing has gotta be Pumpkin Spice Homes, right?

Think about it…it’s already made its way into our cupboards and partially to our homes via candles and room fresheners. You know it’s not far off so I have a few suggestions:

1. Paint- Just imagine every wall covered in Pumpkin Spice yumminess. It’s like you were dropped into a Starbucks and the walls were baristas minus the hipster jargon.
2. Household Cleaners- I mean, there’d be a reason to finally clean that mess up in your room!
3. Floors- How about a soft billowy wood floor that replicates walking on a creamy foam ball with a pungent aroma

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I’m not sure if this is an admission or a confession but… I binge-watched a “reality” real estate show last night. 3 episodes worth and I’m not gonna lie…I feel dirty. Not dirty dirty but train wreck dirty. I couldn’t take my eyes off it! It was like watching everything that isn’t remotely accurate about this profession we call “Real Estate” flash in front of my eyes…and I feel cheated.

Let’s see…”realtor guy” shows 3 totally different homes to a completely affable couple who can’t decide on what home they like because…they are ALL COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. How is it possible that said couple had a budget of $2.5million and were interested in a city loft/townhouse, a small waterfront abode AND an larger, eclectic home in an “artsy” part of town? Truth is…they…
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