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There was an article published recently about what $600,000 can buy you in Orange County these days. Basically, the article surmised that your dollar just isn’t going as far as it used to. With homes prices creeping up and more people renting, it really does raise some interesting points but, most important to me, is there any value out there anymore?

In the traditional sense, the value of an item is what price it would fetch in a competitive market. It’s simple supply and demand stuff. Pay attention here, kids. These days it’s a little different. Market price can be vastly changed by others placement of value on certain products or in our case, homes. Somewhere my old Econ 101 professor just fell over (can’t even recall who it was) and my dad’s jaw just

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Annnnnnnnd… I'm back!!!

I learned my lesson from last week (don't blog about food on an empty stomach) and decided that this week I would blog about my favorite Newport Beach lunch spots AFTER I ate :)

I hope you enjoy my second installment...


Technically, a coffee house. 

THE COFFEE HOUSE for the cool kids.

Every time I walk in, I get to see everyone of my sons’ friends sipping java from their mugs that sit on the shelf when you walk in.

I give ‘em the…”old guy knows the spots” look, subtle nod and go about my business. 

Don’t let them fool ya…the salty dogs have been frequenting this place for years. That’s why the young bucks dig it.  

This place rocks the caffeine but also great breakfast burritos and sandwiches. 

I usually hit up a

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